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Sell Magic Cards

Sell Magic Cards to ABUGames.com to get the best value for your cards. We have the most extensive buylist you can find. Just about every card of value can be found on our buylist. We also have a Hotlist that shows just the cards we are in most need of and are paying top dollar for. Our customers come back to Sell Magic Cards to us again and again because we are always buying. Unlike other websites that are continuously taking down there buylist to update it our buylist has been available for multiple years without going down. ABUGames.com will also buy your collection through our buylist if you want to Sell Magic Cards. We value our customers that sell to us very much. We try to make the selling process as quick and easy as possible with our buylist cart. Payment for cards is generally sent out the day after the cards are received. You can choose either a business check or paypal as payment. We will not make you wait to receive your payment! ABUGames.com buys both NM-M (near mint / mint) and Pld (played) cards. We pay half price for played cards. We are adding foreign cards to our buylist and continue to increase what we will buy. If we receive a card listed as NM-M that we will have to sell as Pld we will contact you to give you the option of selling the card to us at a lower price or having it sent back along with payment for the rest.




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